Alpha Pharma Co. Ltd

Re-imaging a South Korean pharmaceutical company

Alpha Pharma Co. Ltd

Alphas Pharma cares deeply about its relationship with its customers. Passionate about the level of personal attention, privacy and trust existing inside their pharmacy, they were eager for Mash-design to create a new identity which radiates professional energy.

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Alpha Pharma Co. Ltd

Leading with experience
Key to this project was listening and understanding our client’s vision. We joined forces and ran an extensive creative session that led to the delivery of four solid strategies. It was through a subtle evolution of symbolism and shape that mash-design was able to establish the powerful identity Alpha Pharma had been searching for.

Alpha Pharma Co. Ltd

Creating a presence
Historically, the universal language of the world, Greek is said to be at the heart of some of the most important contributions to medicine and mathematics. Hence, we felt that nothing could embody the principal attitude at Alpha Pharma better than the symbol that represents the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

Alpha Pharma Co. Ltd

Studying typography
We understand the importance of a typeface that sends an appropriate message. That’s why we were confident in establishing a style that reflects the clarity and simplicity of the service at Alpha Pharma.

Alpha Pharma Co. Ltd

The challenge for us was to understand the Korean culture and pharmaceutical market before we could begin. This journey was vital in the development of the brand identity

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